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Planned parenthood, awesome right?

You’re missing context, bro. Sanger spoke of this because women had so many children they would often let a younger child, often babies, starve or kill them with their own hands to ensure the lives of their older children. This happened especially with poor and low-income families. This was one of two reasons Sanger supported birth control and contraception.

Leave it to an anti-choicer to not take things in context.

It’s not their fault - most anti choicers wouldn’t know the truth, including proper context, if it jumped up and bit them in the ass. They’ve never been taught to research what they are told because they’ve never been taught to question the things they are told.




once i accidentally called 999 and my brother was shouting “im gonna kill you” at his video game in the background and to cut a long story short 20 minutes later 2 police officers showed up at my house to check out a potential murder and this is why i hate my life

I think it’s 911…

i think i live in england…

Wait, I thought England’s emergency number was 0118-999-88199-9119-7253

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